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Bond With Me

Bond With Me

February 10 - 18 | Open - Close

Your mission – should you choose to accept – is to “bond” with us this Valentine’s Day at your SafeHouse (location and password are classified).

Starting Friday, February 10-18, Control will offer spies several drink specials for agent couples The Pink Bullet (shaken, not stirred, will be offered for $5 as well as $15 bottles of champagne (while supplies last) and our top-secret, Sky Fallen shareable cocktail available for $25 – the perfect precursor to your special dinner or classified mission with your significant other.

Starting February 13-16, spies will get the opportunity to embark on a special, Valentine’s Day feast mission! Our Q-tie Pies Menu for Two ($40) includes:

Your choice of one appetizer to share:
Fried C4 Cheese Curds or Compromised Dip and Chips
Your choice of two entrees (one per lovebird ~ or friend):
The Provocateur
Mata Hari’s Mac and Cheese, Furtive Fish Fry, The Columbian
One Dessert to Share: The Fat Bastard – Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cake, Brownie Bites….an amazing way to wrap up your Valentine’s mission.

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