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Safehouse secret location: Operatives only

Unlock the intel by hovering over the map below to find the hidden location.

43°2' 26.06"N

87°54' 36.88"W

Codename: group & parties

Allow our service agents to make your next mission possible. For our more seasoned spies, be sure to create a diversion with one of our adult birthday or bachelor (ette) party packages, complete with undercover cocktail hour. Bar packages are also available for the most dangerous of spy parties. We can't forget our agents-in-training. Arrange a special mission for your junior spy and their best assets with Operation: Birthday Party - perfect for all ages. For larger, or very hungry, spy parties, uncover our buffet menu before it’s compromised.
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SafeHouse Testimonials


The Safe House is a very special place, and a tribute to passion, playfulness, commitment and authenticity! I was excited to discover it, and had a lower "concept bar" expectations. To my pleasant surprise I was wrong! Great drinks, wonderful service and a commitment by the staff to a fantastic experience! It made my night, and you will immediately become part of the "safe house" family. I've never had an experience quite like this, and, as long as there is some part of you that is a kid at heart, you will absolutely love it.

Clinton V.


Definitely worth stopping by! Very cool and fun concept. Great for events.

Annie F.


Awesome place! Went to visit Milwaukee for the day and was told to go check out this place. Was not disappointed. Drinks were decent and food was pretty good. Lots of cool stuff to look at. Would highly recommend.

David K.


Definitely a must if you're in the Milwaukee area. Cool place, cool vibe, cool workers. Drinks are decently good and reasonably priced. Didn't try the food but place is highly recommended if you're looking for a fun place to chill. My boyfriend and I had an awesome time here, will definitely be going back once we are in town again.

Shoua X.


Aha! I found what I was looking for and I enjoyed it. Fun place with great drinks and pretty decent food--actually better than expected. Great chips and spinach/artichoke dip. Lots of things for kids to do. Oh and yes, monitors everywhere so you can see those "spies" coming in who forgot or did not know the password. Dessert options are quite tempting. Another plus: veggie options are marked on the menu--veggie burger included.

Nancy B.

Agent apparel available for purchase on location.
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