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87°54' 36.88"W

Codename: group & parties

Allow our service agents to make your next mission possible. For our more seasoned spies, be sure to create a diversion with one of our adult birthday or bachelor (ette) party packages, complete with undercover cocktail hour. Bar packages are also available for the most dangerous of spy parties. We can't forget our agents-in-training. Arrange a special mission for your junior spy and their best assets with Operation: Birthday Party - perfect for all ages. For larger, or very hungry, spy parties, uncover our buffet menu before it’s compromised.
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SafeHouse Testimonials


What great hospitality and a fun tour! I've been to the SafeHouse a few times previously, but I noticed a nice refreshing of the space since the remodel and I think they did a good job of not taking away from the history of the place. I even learned something new on my tour! As far as food, servers were on the ball passing fresh fried cheese curds, which were delicious. I loved the spinach dip and really enjoyed the sour cream looking dip at the nacho station, which may have been flavored with wasabi? Whatever it was, you can call me a fan.

Stephanie R.


I have always heard of The Safe House, but never gone there until tonight. It's certainly a Milwaukee staple! My cousin and I went to the newly renovated restaurant for a Yelp Elite event. There is a password when you enter and you go through a mysterious entryway to get into the restaurant. It was so cool to then walk into a bar! If you don't know the password, they have you do silly things to get in -- the kicker is everyone in the restaurant can watch on screens :) They had lots of snacks that were very tasty. Nacho bar was yummy - I was obsessed with the simple avocado cream stuff. They also had mono chicken and burger sliders. The ribs were awesome! I would definitely go back for those :) they also passed around two types of cheese curds which were excellent -- I had several ;) I had a Moscow Mule and Paloma -- both great! We also got a tour of the restaurant - I can't compare to what it was before renovations but it was quirky and unique and I can't wait to return! The staff was great as well. They were very attentive and friendly and really stuck to the spy theme!

Emily F.


This spy-themed pub is a one-of-a-kind Experience. Capital E. The food was good, too. By day, the Safe House is a superb place to take kids (or adults...) for a long lunch. At night, it's a very popular bar and dinner spot. Some nights, there's also a magician bar tender. We went for lunch with 3 kids aged 6, 8, and 12. They totally loved it and so did we.

But how can I do this special place justice here? If I go into too much detail, I might take away some of the surprise of your visit, make it less fun for you.

I will mention that even if you know where to look, you'll have a hard time finding the entrance because it's intentionally disguised. And then once you've decided to try what definitely looks like the wrong door, you still have to solve the puzzle of how to get past the Special Agent manning the entrance. Once inside, you're in a wonderland collection of spy memorabilia arranged throughout the cozy warren of rooms that are two bars and a series of dining rooms. Hidden amongst the collection are funhouse surprises to discover.

We ordered our meal and then explored. So. Much. Fun.

Respilosa, Philadelphia


I have been going to the Safe House for over 30 years, and the experience is still great. A truly unique experience in the heart of the city. As noted by other reviewers, the food is not great, but the attraction is really the atmosphere. Great for the whole family!

motorcitymanDetroit, Detroit


I was in Naval Intelligence and came to the Safe House June 1997 with a band of my Army and Airforce intel buddies. At the time I thought this was the coolest restaurant on the planet; I STILL DO! Now I'm back with my wife and 9yo son and he thinks it's awesome too. You rock #SafeHouse! This should be on every family's bucket list.

JC Hall


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say you guys ROCK!! I was recently in Wisconsin for the first time and my boyfriend and his friends took me to the Safe House. Walking in the door...I was a bit nervous...I did not know what to expect. Well of course I had no idea what the password was so I had to embarrass myself by...hula hooping! Going inside there was so much to look at..unlike the clubs down here in Columbus. SafeHouse is a great place...I have told so many of my friends about it and that I hope they could go to it one day...don't worry the password is safe with me!!



A fun surprise! We were just looking for a place to have lunch before leaving town and not expecting to be cast into the world of espionage and cheese curds...who knew?!

Jeremy Dishaw

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