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Safehouse secret location: Operatives only

Unlock the intel by hovering over the map below to find the hidden location.

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43°2' 26.06"N

87°54' 36.88"W

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Visit SafeHouse Chicago today!

Did You Know? We have a SafeHouse location in Chicago? Visit today!

SafeHouse is a spytastic restaurant to bring your fellow spies to, and we have more than one location! Whether you are exploring Milwaukee or are making a trip to Chicago to explore the city, we have the perfect hideout for you. Make sure you know the password and do what you can to find the right SafeHouse! 

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Codename: Party Room Rental Milwaukee

We aren't just a downtown Milwaukee restaurant: allow our service agents to make your next party mission possible. For our more seasoned spies, be sure to create a diversion with one of our adult birthday or bachelor (ette) party packages, complete with undercover cocktail hour. Bar packages are also available for the most dangerous of spy parties. We can't forget our agents-in-training. Arrange a special mission for your junior spy and their best assets with Operation: Birthday Party - perfect for all ages. For larger, or very hungry, spy parties, uncover our buffet menu before it’s compromised.
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SafeHouse Testimonials

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This place has the best ambiance, ever.  It's an amazing place for a Friday or Saturday night.

Kite W.

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My wife and I took our daughters here for lunch. This place has great atmosphere. Our daughters really had a fun time at this place. We explored the entire restaurant, watched the magician/bartender, and played the pre-meal scavenger hunt. The food was average at best, and was a little expensive. I would not recommend this place based solely on food. You must be up for an adventure. I would definitely go again.

Steven K.

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This place is amazing! A great place to take friends, family and visitors. My favorite item is the cheese curds! So good!!!!! This is an experience you don't want to miss

Erin L.

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When you're in Milwaukee, you have to visit the Safe House. It's a Milwaukee tradition and landmark. The unique setting is like a 1920's speakeasy. To gain entrance, you must find the password, and then find the entrance. There are sliding bookcases, spy cameras, escape phone booth, an electric chair that pops up through the floor (don't ask), and many other surprises.  Excellent food...great drinks.   Fun, fun, fun!

Gary G.

Agent apparel available for purchase on location.
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Open Today 11 AM - 2:30 AM

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