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Watch WarGames: 35th Anniversary Celebration

Watch WarGames: 35th Anniversary Celebration

June 25 | 6 - 9pm

Movie Mission Monday: WarGames + Movie Geeks United!

Go undercover at the SafeHouse to celebrate the 35th anniversary of WarGames - the original Hacker movie filled with Espionage, Intrigue & Super Computers. Hosted by Jayme DuVall of Movie Geeks Podcast, you'll be on the edge of your seat with the rest of us.. waiting to see if Matthew Broderick can stop World War Three.

Based on the true story of Hackers from Milwaukee, known as the 414's, you won't want to miss this exeptional moment to commemorate this anniversay with Movie Geeks United's live podcast immediately following the show.

Free to everyone.

At the event enjoy:
+ Drink Specials
+ A themed dinner menu including a souvenir bag
+ Nerdy Movie Delight
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