S a f e H o u s e

Safehouse Operative

Milwaukee's Best Kept Secret

When you're looking for a SafeHouse, we've got you covered - but you'll have to know the secret password. Just behind the door marked International Exports you'll find one of our operatives in wait. We would never turn an agent away, though those without proper clearance will be required to show they are on a mission for a good time.

Think you know the code to gain clearance? Step up, but keep quiet... the walls have ears. Asking spies in your nest for the password is a sure way to determine if they are friend or foe.

Did You Know?

There are plenty of infiltration opportunities at your Milwaukee SafeHouse. Grab your fellow operatives and begin your mission today!

Infiltration Opportunities
Open Today 11 AM - 2:30 AM

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